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Goal #1-  Help you find a job you love and earn the money you deserve!

We think you will agree, from job search to career management, the world of work is not what it used to be. The Great Careers Group web site, is designed to provide you with the information, support and tools you need to take charge of your career, find a job you love and earn what you deserve.

Started by two nationally recognized career management experts (see profiles on About Us Page), the Great Career Group is about improving the work experience of professionals. So if you are unemployed, underemployed or looking for a career you truly love, this site will help you develop a strategy and achieve your career goals.

Your job search efforts should provide you with results. However, we know that once you find the perfect job you are going to be up against many others who are interested in the same job.

We want you to have the competitive edge so you can land the job. As Career Management Professionals we’ve learned it’s not always the most qualified person who gets the job. It’s the person who knows the following:

1. What to include as part of a comprehensive job search portfolio (Resume, Cover Letter, Exit Statement, Positioning Statement, Success Stories, Target Market List of Companies)
2. How to efficiently locate job opportunities
3. How to effectively land and then manage interviews
4. How to present in an interview
5. Proper Interview Follow-through techniques
6. How to negotiate the best salary

We have helped thousands of people find jobs they love and we want to assist you with landing your dream job.

We can also help you if any of the following scenarios describes you:
1.  You are new to the job market
2. You are unemployed
3. You are underemployed
4. You are returning to work after an absence
5. You want to target a different career path

Included in our Career Portal site is a Resume Wizard that will walk you through putting together a great resume. 

We also offer you the ability to receive individualized advice from our FREE Career Advisor. If you are not sure which career field is right for you we offer two FREE Career Assessment Tools that will help you identify your greatest interests and careers where you can best utilize your skills and experience. We know the people who are the most satisfied with their career naturally advance because they are doing something fulfilling, exciting and something they LOVE doing.

Our online system is designed to offer you 100% of the tools and resources you will need throughout your entire career.

Sign up today FOR FREE and begin to enjoy all the benefits this site has to offer.